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How should the induction cooker be selected at the time of purchase?

Author:MANNA Click: Time:2019-01-09 17:23:26

How should the induction cooker be selected at the time of purchase? What is the hottest new product in today's commercial kitchen equipment? The answer is determined to be a high-power induction cooker. With the increasing pressure of environmental pollution and the shortage of resources, commercial kitchen equipment and the catering market are increasingly competitive, both from the request of the big environment and from the competition conditions of the kitchen itself. Power induction cookers have become the choice of more and more people. Affinity high-power induction cooker manufacturers have developed electromagnetic heating technology for the eleventh year. In the past two years, the high-power induction cooker market has a hot year of higher than one year. But at the same time, it is also the era of high-power induction cooker configuration fish eye mixing, as the electromagnetic heating technology research and development manufacturers, the responsibility of high-power induction cooker manufacturers is not only to recommend high-profile high-power induction cooker to large users, but also to clean high power Induction cooker industry morality, according to its own more than ten years of research and development experience, do its own little power. Here are the following high-power induction cookers that you should never buy.

Minefield One: stock machines, refurbished machines, applied sample machines, defective machines that do not pass the test, etc. Do not buy. These buy back is a time bomb, and the time is determined not to exceed a few months. How to choose the inventory machine and refurbished machine when the induction cooker is purchased can click the inventory high-power induction cooker link to understand.

Minefield 2: Don't choose bad reputation. The high-power induction cooker is not as popular as the home induction cooker. It is always a branch field. It is difficult to form a brand effect. The only thing that can be determined is that the user's own personal application experience is the user's reputation. Now the information is very developed, as long as the search can be almost Knowing the general situation of each high-power induction cooker manufacturer, before this has not formed a recognized brand, this reference measure is quite useful, and the big brands have to be used by users to say that it is really good, each one The user's personal test is the best way to reduce the cost of our choice.

Minefield 3: Do not choose low-power induction cookers. How to choose this point when purchasing the induction cooker requires us to calculate the account. We also shared that the cost difference between a high-profile high-power induction cooker and a common high-power induction cooker is only 25%-30%. The cost difference between high-power induction cooker and low-profile high-power induction cooker is only 25%-30%. If the cost of most of the 75% is very unworthy because of the 25% cost, the same conclusion can be drawn according to the cost of use. The average life of the low-profile high-power induction cooker is one and a half years, while the average of the high configuration is high. With a life span of more than 5 years, the application cost of the low-configuration high-power induction cooker on average one-year application cost is several times higher than that of the high-configuration. This is why Ma Yun said that the free is actually the most expensive, and the reason why it is cheap is not cheap.

Minefield 4: Low price high power induction cooker carefully selected. How to choose the low-priced high-power induction cooker when buying the induction cooker? The root cause behind the high-power induction cooker is that the product is not worth the price, or the configuration, or the stock machine, the repair machine, the refurbished machine, the applied sample machine, the test Disadvantages of the machine, and then with a high-sounding "factory direct sales" brand to damage people's self-interest, sold to cheap users, the results will only harm others. In short, the high-power induction cooker is a large-scale electric appliance. It is necessary to fully understand and contrast, and finally dare to choose with confidence. It is necessary to save money on the premise of high configuration and high quality. Otherwise, it will be equipped with a poorly-powered induction cooker. A lower price will only be a waste of money to buy waste and still take up space.



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