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There are ways to buy the induction cooker correctly

Author:MANNA Click: Time:2019-01-09 17:32:23

Is there a way to buy the induction cooker correctly? As natural gas and other raw materials become scarcer, more and more furniture is used. The induction cooker has entered most of the households unconsciously because of its safety, hygiene, energy saving and convenience. Moreover, the current induction cooker Powerful, it has the functions of steaming, boiling, frying, frying, frying and so on. There are more and more types of induction cookers on the market, so how do we buy induction cookers in the face of a wide variety of induction cookers?

Is there a way to buy the induction cooker correctly? The first is to select the power, choose the appropriate power according to the need, because the higher the power, the faster the heating speed, and the more power consumption, the price is also expensive. Therefore, the purchase should be based on the number of people dining and usage. Generally speaking, families with less than 3 people choose about 1000W; 4-5 people choose 1300W; 6-7 people choose 1600W; 8 or more people choose 1800W induction cooker.

Is there a way to buy the induction cooker correctly? Secondly, high-quality induction cookers should have automatic output power adjustment to improve power supply adaptability and load adaptability. The quality of the induction cooker depends on the quality of the high frequency high power transistor and the ceramic glass-ceramic panel. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to purchase a single high-power transistor induction cooker with high speed, high voltage and high current. It has good quality, excellent performance, high reliability and is not easy to damage.



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