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How to choose the refrigerator

Author:MANNA Click: Time:2019-01-09 17:35:48

When buying a refrigerated cabinet, you can't just choose a cheap low-priced freezer. The first thing to look at is the performance of the freezer, then refer to the price, choose the most cost-effective freezer.

The poor quality of the refrigerator reflects three aspects:

1. The cooling power is small. The matched unit power is relatively small by about 30% to 40%. Usually 1.0 cubic four-door supermarket freezer matches 1/2HP compressor, while low-cost four-door supermarket freezer is equipped with 1/3 or 3/8HP.

2. The cooling temperature is high. Its working temperature is confusing, and some of them are marked with 0 degrees. The user actually reflects that the temperature of the cabinet is between 8 and 12 degrees in summer. This poses a safety hazard for food preservation that requires a constant low temperature environment.

3. The cooling rate is slow. Because these low-cost supermarket refrigerators, the compressor power of the air curtain cabinet is small, so the condenser area, the condenser fan power and the air volume, and the evaporator area, which are matched with the system, are reduced. That is to say, the cooling capacity is small, so the cooling speed is slow. Such a wind curtain cabinet, if it is only used in winter, spring and autumn, or only in the northern region, it can still cope with the past. On the contrary, this kind of air curtain cabinet will not be guaranteed due to the high temperature during the daytime and high temperature in the summer, or because of the large amount of food loaded and the large amount of food turnover, which will cause the temperature of the freezer to fall.



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