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How can the water heater be used to save more electricity?

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MANNA HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES LIMITED After-sales service center about electric water heaters, insulation skills is one of the most important skills of joints or not, insulation means energy saving, saving money. In the process of using the consumer, they feel that power is cut off frequently to save power. This is the biggest misunderstanding. Really energy-efficient electric water heaters do not require frequent power cuts because they have applied useful insulation skills. The accurate application method of the electric water heater should be: If the water heater is used every day, then do not block the power supply; if it is used once every 3 to 5 days or longer, it is more energy-saving to use the power supply after power off.

In addition, we have to choose the right capacity of the water heater based on the number of households and the habit of using water. Do not blindly pursue large capacity. The larger the capacity, the more power is consumed. When purchasing, you should also choose an electric water heater with high quality, good promise, good heat preservation and anti-fouling device.

When you use it, you can save a lot by doing the following:

(1) Adjust the thermostat to 65 degrees Celsius, and the electric water heater is the best function.

(2) The use of electric water heaters should try to avoid the peak time of electricity consumption. In summer, the temperature controller can be lowered to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

(3) Bathing is best used for showers, because showers save more water and electricity than baths, which can reduce costs by two-thirds.

(4) The temperature setting of the water heater should be reasonable. The opening and closing time should be determined according to the actual demand. If your home needs to use hot water every day, and the heat preservation effect of the water heater is better, then you should let the water heater always be energized and set in the heat preservation condition. This is not only convenient to use hot water, but also to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

(5) For families who do not use hot water frequently, it is recommended to start heating 1 hour before bathing and to close after showering. This can minimize the consumption of electrical energy, and thus the state of the electric water heater to save electricity, and then maximize the electricity bill.

(6) About the use of water heaters every day, only for bathing, the use of hot water is not large, the claim is also to open the water heater heating 1 hour before bathing. If you take a bath at a relatively fixed time every day, you can purchase a computer-controlled water heater product and use its punctual heating function to complete it.

(7) Regarding the situation that is often used (usually using a water heater for kitchen and bathroom together, using hot water for cooking, washing dishes, and bathing), it is advocated that the water heater is always open and can be used according to the frequency of application and hot water. The amount of water to adjust the temperature of the hot water, the amount of use can be reduced, the temperature can be lowered a little, the use of a large amount of conditions can be raised a bit, so that the electric water heater can save electricity.



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