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How to prevent electric water heater leakage

Author:MANNA Click: Time:2019-01-09 17:42:54

How to prevent electric water heater leakage

Recently, a number of accidents caused by electric water heater leakage have occurred throughout the country, so that consumers should not be alert to the safety of home appliance water heaters. How to actively prevent electric water heaters from hurting people? Now, Xiaobian has sorted out how to prevent electric water heaters from leaking, so that users can prevent them from happening.

 Electric water heater leakage

How to prevent electric water heater leakage: The leakage protection device does not mean absolute safety

Many users think that the electric water heater is safe with a leakage protection device. In fact, it can only protect the electric water heater from damage and protect the user. Therefore, it is necessary to master the necessary knowledge of leakage prevention of electric water heaters and develop good habits. is crucial.

How to prevent electric water heater leakage 2: purchase regular brand qualified products

At present, the market of electric water heaters is mixed, and the quality of products is uneven. Consumers must choose qualified electric water heaters produced by regular brands in order to obtain basic protection in the future.

How to prevent electric water heater leakage: three correctly installed by professionals

Before the installation of electric water heaters, the household electricity environment must be thoroughly inspected. There must be reliable anti-leakage devices and reliable grounding wires. Nanshan Sakura water heater repair electric water heater socket should be set away from the water can splash local.

How to prevent electric water heater leakage 4: Correct operation of electric water heater

When the user uses the electric water heater, it is best to cut off or turn off the power to ensure safety. Regularly check whether the anti-leakage protection device in the home is working properly and the ground wire is not grounded reliably. Regularly clean the scale in the water tank to prevent scale from corroding the water tank and causing leakage.



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